ZeroGravity™ Mattress


Thanks to empty see-through micro-threads, your sleep will feel suspended with Mistral ergonomic padding ensuring high breathability, lightness and constant air recycling, stimulating the microcirculation and releases of muscle soreness. Perfect for folks suffering of asthma and allergies. Non-existent pressure points to your body, you will suspended on a cushion of air, ZeroGravity™.

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Outstanding features

  • Breathable
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Dust mite proof
  • Mold proof
  • Water condensation Dry
  • Non-deformable
  • Ergonomic
  • Every-Day Freshness Guaranteed
  • Life time Guaranteed
  • Made in Italy

Special benefits

  • 30 – 45 days trial period
  • Same day delivery in Miami
  • Free shipping on orders over $800
  • Free 2 weeks trial

Comfort type: Medium firm

Mattress size

CA King 72 x 12 x 84in, King 76 x 12 x 80in, Queen 60 x 14 x 80in, Full 53 x 12 x 75in, Twin 38 x 12 x 75in


no set, Box-spring set

  1. Andrew Saw

    One of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. At first the mesh system was odd to me and my wife but when we tried it we felt lighter and almost laying on many pillows., quite unique.
    Of course made in Italy., a bit pricey but all worth it. Thank you so much Richard.

  2. Jim Bower

    Never slept on anything similar. Very unique, thank you again

  3. Collins Anderson

    Medium-firm hybrid delivers the look and feel of a hotel mattress, for a mid-range price. Very Unique feel.

  4. Daniel Hardman

    Very comfortable right away. I started sleeping better on the first night. I’ve had the mattress for 3 months and still happy with the purchase. Would buy again and recommend to a friend.

  5. Christin Reyes

    This mattress is incredibly comfortable. I was very surprised and definitely recommend!

  6. Lisa S

    We bought this for our son and it’s very comfortable. It gives him just the right support. Nice Bed.

  7. Emerald D

    I got this mattress for a guest room, and it’s about perfect for that. Hybrid makes a difference.

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