TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° Firm


With TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze°, next-level all-night cooling meets maximum pressure relief. The TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° mattress has been designed in the Tempur-pedic® thermal laboratory to help manage the micro-climate between your mattress and your covers — for a cooler, deeper sleep all night long. The mattress has a 4-level system of cutting-edge cooling materials that work together from cover to core to keep you cool all night long.

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Brand: Tempur-pedic®

Outstanding features

  • 13″ profile – 4-Level Cooling System
  • Smartclimate® Max Dual Cover System: An enhanced zip-off cover with double the cool-to-touch comfort so you feel cooler when you lie down
  • PureCool+™ Phase Change Material: Exclusive, next-generation technology absorbs excess heat so you feel cooler while you fall asleep
  • TEMPUR-CM+™ Comfort Layer (4 cm): Advanced TEMPUR® material redesigned with maximum airflow for all night cooling comfort
  • Ventilated TEMPUR-APR® Support Layer (6 cm): TEMPUR® most pressure relieving material ever — now with an all-new, ultra-breathable design
  • Featuring unique layers of proprietary material originally developed by NASA that work together to support your body and relieve pressure
  • Feels Up to 8° Cooler (compared to TEMPUR-ProAdapt® models)

  • Advanced pressure relief + enhanced breathability
  • Unparalleled Motion Cancellation
  • 10 year certified warranty
  • Designed and assembled in the US

Special benefits

  • 30 – 45 days trial period
  • Same day delivery in Miami
  • Free shipping on orders over $800

Comfort type: Firm

Mattress size

CA King 72 x 13 x 84in, King 76 x 13 x 80in, Queen 60 x 13 x 80in, Twin XL 38 x 13 x 80in

  1. Roberto invernizzi

    We went in looking for a Tempur-Pedic., they had Memorial day $1000 discount.
    Very soft and cools me off., Did not buy the bed frame as not disconted and cost almost as much as the mattress.,
    Verry happy though

  2. Aron Jacobs

    Went in there to check the Tempur Pedics., Fist of all the staff is knowledgeable moreover not aggressive meaning not your typical sales guy. Martha said to try all 4 lines they had and maybe even come back to try them again. They had a 30 day try out return guaranteed as well. Picked this one as firm but also cooling effect., Not cheap but one of the best Tempur I ever had. I did not buy the frame.,
    They greet you first offering water or any soda which is unusual in Miami, very sophisticated I must say. Martha Thank you

  3. Gary Weaver

    A wonderful mattress for comfort and quality. is as firm as advertised. We love it. It’s very comfortable. Highly recommend

  4. Jacob Roberts

    Excellent mattress, I tend to sweat when I sleep especially on my last memory foam mattress but this one had a nice gentle cooling effect which made sleep much faster and longer lasting. No more restless sleep.

  5. Felix Clark

    Worth every penny, I sleep like a baby. Six months of use and I still love it, No more back aches. Highly recommend!

  6. Stephany Goldsmith

    Very nice mattress store., We bought the Luxe without the frame as it was out of stock
    but we are using our old Temp Breeze one. Richard was very patient and help full. he offered us water and and Espresso first thing we walked in

  7. Nino Sandrini

    The best Tempur pedic I have ever bought!

  8. Christopher Aguilar

    This foam mattress works comfortable on my back and side. After several months of use, it’s still as comfortable as ever. It has the right size for the bed frame I got for it. I’m pleased with sleeping in this mattress every night.

  9. Stacey M

    Love this mattress! Its so comfortable and keeps me cool throughout the night! Delivery was a week late.

  10. Kimmer G

    After getting disgusted with regular spring/upholstered mattresses that only last a couple of years I decided to try this. Back, shoulder and hip pain disappeared the first night. The cooling feature really works- it’s much cooler then the old bed and I can sleep under all the covers the whole night. BTW, the all foam and hybrid models don’t feel the same so try both before deciding.

  11. Raymond di Stefano

    Great mattress!

  12. Deb Prozzi

    I knew that my old mattress was not working well anymore, but I had no idea of how much it was keeping me from having a good sleep. The pains I was waking up with and blaming on old age are barely there now. This mattress is wonderful.

    My only complaint is a lack of instructions for removing the very tight plastic shipping wrapper.

  13. Idania Walter

    Bought this and my husband loves it. Just make sure you have the correct support for it, i.e. platform bed or plywood. Once it was out of the plastic wrap, it rebounded pretty quickly. No smell. Overall, very Happy.

  14. Shirley R

    The sides dip too much. It’s comfortable enough. The sheets don’t slip off as easily.

  15. Leroy R

    Hard to recommend mattresses to people as everyone prefers a different feel and softness. I’d say it’s on the softer side you sink nicely and actually stays cool. Works very well with adjustable frames

  16. Lilianis H

    I enjoy these mattresses far too much, have two of them in the guest room, if I need to relax, that is where I go… bought them in twin size, now considering a king for my own suite 🙂

  17. Kyle W

    Everything else is great. Just a little firm.

  18. Charlie Evans

    Finally a very restful nights sleep, due to Tempur-Pedic mattress confirming to the contours of our bodies.

  19. Gregorio T

    For the first time in years I’m pain free in the mornings! I also wake up feeling rested, often before my alarm goes off. I used to wake up in pain a few times a night which no longer happens. Love this bed! It did take awhile to get used it though and I’m glad I kept with it in the first month because the real sleep magic started happening around Week 5.

  20. Yackie Y

    The best sleep we have ever had. It is soft and yet supportive. Expensive but worth it. The pillows are great also.

  21. Rodrigo Gomez

    its an awsom bed and great night sleep and keeps cool and comfortable all night

  22. Santiago Cooper

    The best mattress I ever own in my life! I suffer from back pain for years! At first I didn’t want to spend so much money in a mattress. So….. I have bought and replace 3 mattress in a little over 3 month until I found this one. The best money spend. I now wake up refresh and best no more back pain.

  23. Mike Suarez

    I told my good friend about my back pain and how restless I’ve been sleeping he suggested I get a Tempur-Pedic and I did and it made a huge difference. My body feels better and I am sleeping better again.

  24. Mallory Thompson

    Loved this mattress from the very beginning. Just the right firmness. I usually perspire while sleeping and I wake up dry now! I love EVERYTHING about it.

  25. Pat Harrison

    We have always had a Tempupedic mattress. This latest product is the best! It is comfortable and firm.

  26. Nico Giddens

    I replaced my 15 old tempur mattress with the Lux breeze. Great feeling and great support , excellent product. Thank you Ely for all the help.

  27. Jordan Marcantel

    I’ve had back problems but since I’ve had this bed, my back is normal and have the best sleep now. It’s worth every penny.

  28. Lynn Schwartz

    I waited too long for this purchase! Cooling, firm and just enough give to support my back but also let me slide in and literally fall right asleep! Never will go back to anything else!

  29. Liam F

    Temperpedic Luxe Beeze is the most comfortable mattress I have ever had. The first time in a long time I get a full nights sleep! Love that it is cooler than other mattresses too!

  30. Georgina H

    I sleep very well now. Without moving around. It is the most comfortable bed I have owned in my life. It cools well and keeps me cozy in winter weather.

  31. Tan J

    Very comfortable.

  32. Paul R

    Love our new bed. Sleeping every night like a baby.

  33. Carmen J

    Back pain gone instantly. No more hip falling asleep. Even my skeptic husband loves it

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