Tranquility Mattress


Like no other mattress, the Oceania Cruises Bed Collection™ mattress’ unique pillow top is constructed from quilted Anthros fabric with aromatized Camomile fiber and super comfort water gel. The zip-in/zip-out pillow top can be removed at anytime giving you a 2 in 1 mattress. Engineered using our patented Water Gel and special pocket box spring system, the Prestige Tranquility mattress boasts 7 different supporting zones with 400 individually placed springs. These key elements combine to provide you with the best sleep you ever had.

(20 customer reviews)

Outstanding features

  • Seven-zone mattress featuring 400 encapsulated springs and two inches of memory foam
  • A two-inch-thick, gel-filled “pillow top” cushion wrapped in chamomile-infused fiber
  • Elegant soft crystal white quilted design
  • Air vents for better air circulation
  • Easy to clean with easy move handles
  • Manufactured by Matermoll, an Italian company with a 50-year reputation for quality craftmanship
  • 20-year certified warranty

Special benefits

  • 30 – 45 days trial period
  • Same day delivery in Miami
  • Free shipping on orders over $800

Comfort type: Medium soft

Mattress size

CA King 72 x 12 x 84in, King 76 x 12 x 80in, Queen 76 x 12 x 80in, Full 53 x 12 x 75in, Twin 38 x 12 x 75in

  1. John di Bello

    Great mattress! Richard thank you for all your help

  2. Dr. Stern

    Easy to fall asleep, stay asleep, very comfortable.,
    A bit pricey but they said it was one of the best they had.
    They delivered the same day

  3. Danny Fernandez

    The thick pocketed coils provide sturdy reinforcement that kept me from sinking in too much, while the cushioning surface still offered a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s a great choice for those who want a soft surface but also need extra support.

  4. Maria Enriques

    Un producto estupendo, despues de 10 meses de uso no padezco de dolores en la espalda. Gracias Ely por tu recomendacion tan acertada.

  5. Adam Martin

    Super comfortable. Remarkable comfort at ANY price point. Buy it.

  6. Donna

    Super comfortable mattress. Best of both worlds…memory foam and coils.

  7. Cassandra C

    I bought this mattress three years ago, and I would 100% buy again. It’s comfortable, hasn’t broken down in any way. I have a kid who constantly jumps on it and I’m not a small person by any means and it has held up very well.

  8. Elis Davis

    I am a plus-size person and this bed is very comfortable. I am recharged and rejuvenated when I wake up. Although the bed is so comfy that I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

  9. Lili Jones

    This was the easiest mattress purchase I have ever made! No stressful salesman and no pressure. The best part is that the quality of this mattress surprised me! It’s very comfortable and supportive! I love it!!

  10. Rene Pardo

    We had a Casper memory foam mattress for about a year before this mattress and my back hurt so bad, and my wife always complained about being hot. Nothing like a firm cooling mattress to get us sleeping almost instantly. We can tell its built with high quality materials and built to last.

  11. Alicia Machado

    I absolutely love this bed…. everything about it! It’s none of the best investments I’ve made in a long time! I’m completely happy with it, and I think I say every night on the phone to whoever, that it’s so comfortable.

  12. Lydia G

    I just might leave my custom made bed for this one that is in my guest bedroom. Highly recommend! Love this bed.

  13. Bruce Miles

    Great delivery. Easy set up, very comfortable . Very quit operation. With the 20 year total warranty it’s a very solid and fair deal.

  14. Denise Diaz

    I don’t like memory foam mattresses and most placed I looked at all had memory foam material inside. Finally went to this store and found a mattress with plush, breathable, and cooling foam that has been fantastic so far.

  15. Stanley Clement

    Highly recommend especially since its on sale. Delivery took a few weeks to get a date that worked for me but the crew did an excellent job at installing and hauling away the old mattress.

  16. Nick C

    I have no problem sleeping on my new mattress. I feel like a new person every day when I wake.

  17. Antonella R

    Comfort, a lot of comfort especially for those with back issues. We get a better quality sleep.

  18. Brad T

    This bed is delightful because I’m actually sleeping well. Thanks Ely

  19. Janet C

    It’s the most expensive thing I’ve purchased in a while, and it is worth every cent!!!

  20. Payton P

    Very comfortable. We very like it.

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