Beverly™ Mattress


Our new Luxury Hybrid 7 Seven Zones Extra Wide Pocket Spring System with Memory Foam atop and at bottom along Eden® Foam dual Quilted. Two layers of Materfoam® and not only one as the rest of the competition. A true luxury Hybrid mattress made in Italy. Ensuring maximum comfort to every inch of your body but also sleep refreshed with custom made air vents on the sides.
(35 customer reviews)

Outstanding features

  • Breathable
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Dust mite proof
  • Mold proof
  • Water condensation Dry
  • Non-deformable
  • Ergonomic
  • Every-Day Freshness Guaranteed
  • Life time Guaranteed
  • Made in Italy

Special benefits

  • 30 – 45 days trial period
  • Same day delivery in Miami
  • Free shipping on orders over $800
  • Free 2 weeks trial

Comfort type: Medium firm

Mattress size

CA King 72 x 12 x 84in, King 76 x 12 x 80in, Queen 60 x 12 x 80in, Full 53 x 12 x 75in, Twin 38 x 12 x 75in


no set, Box-spring set

  1. Ana Popovich

    Bought the Beverly with stretchy cover., very comfortable and feels good to my body,
    We got the 40% discount event though it was one day over July 4th., They charge $ 25 for delivery if you live in a building that is my only negative for the rest excellent customer service., Very elegant store

  2. Smirnov Andrea

    Loved the store moreover the service. Very nice and knowledgeable sales staff.
    We sleep vey well, surprised of low price., We bought also the custom made leather box which let’s us clean under the bed, very hygenic system. thank you guys

  3. David Lo Bello

    Really happy., Has some sort of stretch material on top that is super nice
    Professional service especially with the delivery

  4. Eden

    It’s wonderful
    It is a bit on the hard side but nothing a mattress topper will not fix.
    I’m happy

  5. Emma

    Nice mattress. Does not disappoint.

  6. Harvey

    The mattress has some weight to it, and I found it to be firm, but soft, if that makes sense? I selected this mattress bc my kiddo is 5’10”, 225lbs and a hot sleeper. So the internal coils were appealing for extra support. Can’t feel the coils at all.

  7. Erin

    I bought this for my guest room. I’ve not slept on it but my two sisters and son said it is comfortable.

  8. Kim James

    After 3 back surgeries and multiple expensive beds this one fit the bill so glad I bought this if anything changes I’ll update the review but for now absolutely amazing

  9. Blake S

    It’s a good quality mattress. More firm than I’d like but my wife loves it. It’s also nice looking and not too heavy; I can move it around by myself.

  10. Ramses G

    I really enjoy sleeping on this mattress. I wake up each morning refreshed and well rested. I highly recommend it.

  11. Valentina R

    So every time we get a new mattress and it’s firm, my husband complains and calls it a “brick”. Then, a few days after sleeping on it, I ask him how his back feels. He grumbles and says “better.” This mattress is perfect for what we need – it’s firm enough to help both of our backs feel great but it’s also got some give to it.

  12. Lynn C

    This is an incredible quality bed. Sooo glad we bought it and recommend it 200%. Wow! The price is unbelievable for quality that is soon great! Firm Mattress.

  13. Albert Yi

    Bought this mattress for myself, has elastic stretch fabric which is very soft and soothing. I sleep great
    Passed by this place on Biscayne almost every day and never noticed it was there.
    One note: not all mattresses they have are economical. some are imported from Italy and Sweden and some really expensive
    Very nice store, they offer you Espresso when you walk in
    Delivery guys where great and professional, one thing the plastic wrap was cut and sone dirt was on mattresses but they cleaned on the spot. Thank you Pedro!
    Albert Yi

  14. S.M

    We tried different stores and this one was the last., They have USA and European brands., We chose this one as for price and quality we thought the best. The stretch fabric atop and bonnel spring 9thay told us pocket or something like that) is fantastic and very soft when you lay on it. Kids jump on it all the time, had it for 3 years and still looks like new.
    Remember to ask for pro-rated warranty card, they give you pro-rated cash back which I never heard it before
    BTW: Beautifull store. Looks like art gallery.

  15. Jean B.

    It’s a super comfortable mattress. Just the right firmness level for me. No back pain since switching. Seems to be a high quality product, very comfortable and the firmness is just right, delivery went without a hitch, very happy with this purchase.

  16. Jean Carlos H

    Quality – It feels like a good quality mattress with a thick fabric outside, solid coils and a decent layer of foam for cushion. I’d put this one in the upper-middle level of the quality scale for mattresses and guess it’ll survive many night of great support.

  17. Dan R

    This mattress replaced a conventional spring mattress with a four inch memory foam pad on top. At first I thought it was too soft, but after sleeping on it a month it feels good.

    This mattress supports like a memory foam mattress. But were memory foam can feel like you are lying in a ditch, this does not nearly as much. It is still warm but not near as hot as memory foam. So basically it is comfortable and has good support like memory foam, but it has some advantages too.

    I seem to sleep longer at a stretch and am not as stiff in the morning.

  18. Anabel G

    My child told me it’s like a cloud and I will take that! Great packaging easy to set up.

  19. Ignacio Hornes

    Comfortable sleep and fast shipping was a plus.

  20. Nelson Wilson

    Great mattress for us! Back and side sleeps great! I am 250lbs and my wife is 180.

  21. Etian Velazquez

    Has been very comfortable, didnt take long to get used to more firm mattress. Thank you Ely for the recommendation.

  22. Claudia F

    Great comfort for my hurt back!

  23. Rubin P

    Exceptionally comfortable, essentially solved the problem of my back pain and insomnia! Love it

  24. William Turner

    Set up was a breeze, delivery guys came in setup the bed and took away the packaging debris and my old mattress. I could never do it myself I am over 60 and I’m sure the mattress weighs over 100lbs. First night was delightful and been sleeping comfortably since.

  25. Kara Burrus

    Very comfortable.Pleasure sleeping on it,lessen neck pain.

  26. Maricel Jennings

    Have zero complaints or issues with the mattress. I would definitely recommend.

  27. Jessica Fuller

    So very comfortable. Best night sleep. Really helps ease my back pain.

  28. Alecia Diamond

    A great firm mattress. Love it.

  29. Kimberly Vogel

    I am in love with my new mattress! I bought this 3 months ago and I have been having the best quality of sleep. I fall right to sleep and stay asleep all night- two things I struggled with before this bed!

  30. Leah Jordan

    This mattress is exactly what I needed. I am pregnant and in my third trimester, my old mattress was starting to cause back pain and my hips to ache. I normally sleep on my side but was no longer comfortable in any position. This new mattress is firm yet plush and supports me in the right areas, and I am able to sleep on my side again but with a pregnancy pillow.

  31. Eva G

    Everything was great from purchase thru delivery. Great mattress, great experience

  32. Nick J

    Currently getting some of the best sleep I’ve had in 10 years. Clearly a high quality product.

  33. Lucca G

    The matres is very good

  34. Oxana Mendez

    Great experience shopping for a new mattress, bed and platform. Thank you Ely

  35. Dimitris J

    Since the first night sleeping on our new bed I wake up every day feeling pain free and well rested

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